December 17, 2013


Yeah, we like to take a lot of selfies and here's the proof! All from this year :)

Just pretending to cry!

 photo IMG_3485_zps4076cb3f.jpg

Yeah!! I still carry this 8 year old boy around!!

 photo IMG_2705_zpsb65813e9.jpg


 photo IMG_3484_zps50e10b36.jpg

Pretending to bite my finger :)

 photo IMG_3431_zpsad703124.jpg

 photo IMG_3430_zps705ad8dc.jpg

In the sunshine!

 photo IMG_3190_zps19d0b6ab.jpg


 photo IMG_2707_zps2452d2af.jpg

More cuddles

 photo IMG_2837_zps9b814176.jpg

 photo IMG_2718_zps69438f47.jpg

Waiting for the school bus

 photo IMG_4356_zps0719d9be.jpg

We are like that only!

 photo IMG_4382_zpsbcdc912e.jpg

 photo IMG_4383_zps72f51029.jpg

 photo IMG_5916_zps67b12ec7.jpg

And this one was taken just a week back but a professional camera guy

 photo IMG_6688_zps27bb0bb0.jpg

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