December 17, 2013

Pics Through The Year

I like to take pictures on my iPhone - when I have nothing better to do :P So here are some pics taken through the year (all thanks to the recent copy of pictures from photo - laptop)

Hiding coz I am not wearing something!

 photo IMG_2780_zpsfa86428f.jpg

Wearing my batman nightsuit, I have grown out of it now though :(

 photo IMG_2852_zpsbd5b98c3.jpg

How I like to travel

 photo IMG_2900_zps5477c2aa.jpg

One of my favorite things!

 photo IMG_2987_zps44c4848d.jpg

Lost to the world while watching telly :)

 photo IMG_3086_zpsb3cfbda9.jpg

With my sister Ridhi

 photo IMG_3098_zps762fe904.jpg

Ice candy effect

 photo IMG_3102_zps44e0bd5b.jpg

Short term dream of being a cricketer

 photo IMG_3144_zps2164f67b.jpg

Yenna Rascala!

 photo IMG_3167_zps8d683028.jpg

I love my spikes

 photo IMG_3185_zpsadac85cc.jpg

Mama making me pose!

 photo IMG_3251_zps2c9e173c.jpg

One more!

 photo IMG_3256_zps15925f43.jpg

And one more - to get the lighting right!

 photo IMG_3283_zps6962e058.jpg

Love the movies!

 photo IMG_3398_zps24196ff5.jpg

My favorite food - sushi. The chef at Like That Only even showed me how to make it.

 photo photo24_zpsf1c10092.jpg

Nothing is too heavy for me!

 photo IMG_3721_zps5ac1d099.jpg

Enjoying the rain

 photo IMG_3786_zpse695277e.jpg

Ice cream!!

 photo IMG_4203_zps33102f3a.jpg

Another favorite - idly sambar!

 photo IMG_4838_zps661b678d.jpg

Which I ate in style!

 photo IMG_4839_zps1f9a6ac0.jpg

Who can say no to a doughnut??

 photo IMG_4889_zps0ed51248.jpg

Trying Mama's camera

 photo A92A7205_zps8d0e5bf9.jpg

The zoom works ok!

 photo A92A7211_zps2c84691b.jpg

I always sleep when my parents party!!

 photo IMG_6058_zps29944173.jpg

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