May 21, 2013

Hungry and time for cupcakes!

Adi and I were out yesterday and it was way past lunch time. Adi was having his usual tummy ache (due to motion sickness) and it was a little bad than usual (maybe the empty stomach added to the pain). We were in the Indiranagar area and I suddenly remembered about a new cupcake place having opened there. Thought that the cupcakes would distract him from the pain and also relieve his hunger. So we stopped by and Adi was suddenly excited and wanted to know all the flavors that we there. Asked him to choose 6 and no sir, 6 would not do for our little fellow - he wanted one of all the twelve!

So we bought 12, 4 of which were promptly gulped down in the car with expressions of delight and the rest were saved for Papa. Yes, he did give me one small bite of one of them!!

 photo photo28_zpse940a736.jpg

Back to School

Well, the holidays are coming to a close - almost - and it's time to start preps to get back to school. A new year, a new beginning. Summer holidays have been awesome - both for the brat and me. For the Brat because he has been super busy playing all the time - morn till night - with friends, without friends - and has gone to bed everyday feeling happy and super tired. Me because it wasn't as stressful, worrisome or hectic as I imagined it would be before the holidays began - in fact, the holidays have just flown by with me not having to do much at all to take care of the Brat or keep him busy.

The kid has been so active this holidays that I am beginning to worry how he will get back to school - sit in the same place for hours together and get himself to focus and listen to what is being taught. I can imagine him being in class and day dreaming away already - imagining himself hitting a six out of the school grounds!!!

So we slowly being prepping to get back to school - bought the uniforms yesterday and was secretly pleased that kid had outgrown the sizes he had worn last year. As usual, he had a great time trying out each and every piece of clothing and also filling the form himself with the size and quantity to be ordered.

You can see the fun he was having in the dressing room :)

 photo photo29_zpsa34bf0e5.jpg

 photo photo27_zpsbdaa9973.jpg

May 10, 2013

Sushi love

Sushi - I've always wanted to try it but could never bring myself to eat it. Just the thought of raw fish in the sushi turns me off. I've had vegetarian sushi (used to be my everyday lunch at one time), chicken sushi and crab shushi (thanks to Adi who ordered for it) but never one with fish in it. But Adi - he loves it!!! And whenever its in the menu - he has to order for it!

I dont remember the first time that Adi tried Sushi. I do remember that he ordered for crab sushi during our trip to Penang. Am not sure if this was his first time - but he did know the word Sushi so maybe he had tried it while we were in UK. The next time was during our trip to Thailand where he had an entire plate of sushi and didn't want to share even a single one with me!! And then today he saw that it was on the menu at LikeThatOnly restaurant and promptly ordered for one ie. after he made me read out the different varieties of sushi available. And after each bite, he kept saying its awesome and even went upto the chef and told him that it was good and thanked him :)

Couple of pics from LikeThatOnly taken today..

 photo photo25_zps35a0dd87.jpg

 photo photo24_zpsf1c10092.jpg

May 07, 2013

Destiny Farm Ooty - April 2013

We wanted to head out somewhere during the summer holidays - with friends, somewhere close, for a short stay - preferably a resort where we could relax (or rather where the frequently travelling and slogging Dad could relax) and also get the kid to try new things. Had read about Destiny Farm in a FB group, checked it out, liked it, decided on a date, sent details to friends, friends agreed, booked and soon it was time to head there for 4 fun filled days - three families, 6 adults and 4 kids (all boys!!) - all together in a tempo traveller. So here's another picture post on the Destiny Farm holiday..

The tempo traveller - our vehicle for the looooonnnng trip...yes, took us all of 12 hours to get to Destiny Farm! And we expected around 8! Well, we did break for breakfast, lunch and an emergency hospital visit which thankfully was a false alarm!!

 photo _MG_1117_zps87f06619.jpg

The beautiful view from our rooms. We had rooms next to each other and this big balcony all to ourselves - we used it to the fullest!!

 photo IMG_1138_zps9a9482de.jpg

Thats me admiring the view from the restaurant

 photo _MG_1223_zps248cfa63.jpg

We could fish in a small pond inside the resort. Our Dads were around to help us

 photo _MG_1342_zps70fa75c8.jpg

Patiently waiting for the fish to bite!

 photo _MG_1353_zps14909b39.jpg

Yayy! We caught one!!

 photo _MG_1385_zpse45f04f9.jpg

And here it is!! We threw it back into the pond while it was still alive..

 photo _MG_1427_zps23e4e754.jpg

Play areas - who's says we are too old for it now!

 photo _MG_1527_zps531f3bed.jpg

That's my favorite position!!

 photo _MG_1544_zpsf46c3675.jpg

We played cricket on the balcony

 photo _MG_1595_zpsc9bb5a79.jpg

Thats us heading to play cricket in the horse grounds

 photo _MG_1616_zpsc678f801.jpg

And yes, there was horse riding too!! We really enjoyed this a lot and didn't want it to end!

 photo _MG_1746_zps607827e7.jpg


 photo _MG_1764_zps4d4b5140.jpg

We have serious discussions too!

 photo _MG_1880_zps6171d258.jpg

Excited to go on a small trek around the property

 photo _MG_1890_zps17f2b7e1.jpg

Crossed small water streams

 photo _MG_1900_zpsb17c2e79.jpg

Thrilled to get across first!

 photo _MG_1906_zps6586f967.jpg

Trying to make the stones hop

 photo _MG_1936_zps5da63bfb.jpg

Enjoying the morning Bournvita :)

 photo _MG_1977_zps4204ec2e.jpg

Early morning trek into the hills

 photo _MG_1986_zps7aa8b868.jpg

Serious discussion again!

 photo _MG_1992_zps6eed8df9.jpg

Trying our hands at rock climbing

 photo _MG_2026_zpsd2b309d3.jpg

Yes, thats me!!

 photo _MG_2032_zps55a35d6c.jpg

And we did some monkey crawling too!!

 photo _MG_2076_zps36e3f72e.jpg

Stopped midway to check out the fish

 photo _MG_2081_zpsf4bc881a.jpg

Trying to make fire by rubbing stones!! Had lots of fun games around the campfire

 photo _MG_2113_zpsee0e8a2c.jpg

We also managed to catch a movie, play badminton, monopoly and lots of other games. It was a perfect summer holiday!! :)

May 03, 2013

Thailand - Dec '12 - Jan '13

A picture post on our recent (well, not so recent now!!) trip to Thailand. This holiday was with a group of friends and it was a fun trip for the adults as well as the kids. We visited Bangkok, Koh Samui and Phuket with a longer stay in Koh Samui. Hope the pictures can tell Adi's holiday story :))

Day 1 in Bangkok waiting for the river ride with Papa

 photo _MG_2575_zps18ffe4aa.jpg

Cruising down the Chao Phraya river and I felt like a king!

 photo _MG_2590_zpse94ea4a2.jpg

Enjoyed photographing everything around me

 photo _MG_2600_zpsb6af38f4.jpg

And I took a photo of Mama and Papa too

 photo _MG_2604_zps692ff169.jpg

The river ride was fun!!

 photo _MG_2734_zpsc9d0e703.jpg

I love trying out local food and fruits when I travel - this is a rose apple

 photo _MG_2746_zpsa983fc38.jpg

And I just loved the icy cold tender coconut water - was a relief during the hot days

 photo _MG_2753_zpsbd00bfb1.jpg

In a tuk tuk which I wanted to try out

 photo _MG_2817_zps470313c1.jpg

Praying with Papa in a Buddhist temple

 photo _MG_2838_zps62b13826.jpg

Day 2 and all my friends have arrived!! Accident prone as I am , I also managed to hurt myself on the very first day when I was playing with my friends!

 photo IMG_7622_zps61f6441e.jpg

Not a happy day for me. My injury was hurting me, it was a hot day and sightseeing was boring!

 photo IMG_7665_zpsafdebe71.jpg

Day 3 and on the ferry to Koh Samui - things are getting better. Less fights with my pals and also not so much in pain.

 photo _MG_3124_zps976b548e.jpg

Just cannot resist monkeying around!! This is at Koh Samui port

 photo IMG_3152_zps317a4b85.jpg

Happiness!!! Our villa at Koh Samui had its very own pool!!

 photo IMG_3266_zpse88d60c8.jpg

Ready to dive in

 photo IMG_7997_zps7371cfb0.jpg

More happiness!! I love the christmas gifts given by my uncles and aunts :)

 photo _MG_3291_zps3f38e6a4.jpg

Everyones happy :)

 photo IMG_8074_zps46c7f504.jpg

We rented scooters to go around Koh Samui and it was super fun

 photo IMG_3417_zpsa1af3b9b.jpg

With Papa

 photo IMG_3423_zps3f21eba4.jpg

Thats my elder brother Saahil who lives in America. We sometimes email each other to catch up on what we are doing.

 photo IMG_3456_zpsa6a8408e.jpg

More tender coconut water. Yummy!!

 photo IMG_3555_zps3ec57ba9.jpg

Can we have some food please??

 photo IMG_3574_zpsebf14dec.jpg

At Chaweng beach where we just ran into the water before our parents could get our costumes!!

 photo IMG_3637_zps338d908c.jpg

Snorkeling for the first time and I loved it

 photo IMG_3771_zpsdf8bd75f.jpg

We played games every evening

 photo _MG_4125_zps24031222.jpg

In a cozy corner with Sana

 photo _MG_4135_zpse21bc337.jpg

Every day was pool time!!

 photo IMG_8305_zps6e885716.jpg

I got to feed the elephant I was riding on

 photo _MG_4360_zps9a8531d4.jpg

Thats us!

 photo _MG_4411_zps84964bc0.jpg

And I got to ride on top of our jeep too!! It was thrilling!

 photo _MG_4454_zps82c6c68c.jpg

We kids had lot of fun together

 photo _MG_4514_zps9a07e82a.jpg

We stripped down whenever we saw water! This was at a waterfall

 photo _MG_4605_zpsad56ed02.jpg

Photographing a wild creature

 photo _MG_4642_zpsb2372195.jpg

The elephant show was funny!

 photo _MG_4652_zpsdcc927b5.jpg

And I got to volunteer at the bird show!! Yayyy!

 photo _MG_4684_zps2f2d7e47.jpg

All set to parasail over Patong beach at Phuket - first time again!!

 photo IMG_4745_zpsf97a1788.jpg

1,2,3 GO!

 photo IMG_4749_zps4c5be6d8.jpg

Being up in the sky was the most amazing feeling

 photo IMG_4764_zps861c3f39.jpg

Movie time!!

 photo IMG_9051_zpsaafbd8d0.jpg

And that's all of us together again :)

 photo IMG_8761_zpsfa4d5927.jpg

I loved the Thailand trip and want to go back again to try some more adventures stuff! And the food too!! Oh, I forgot to mention some yummy food that I tried - pad thai, all the thai curries - red, green, yellow, oysters, sushi, mussels and some yummy prawns too. I surely want to go back again!!