July 14, 2012

Happy Mom

This is what makes me the happiest - Adi telling me that what I have cooked is 'yum' and 'Mama, you are the best cook'!! And then licking the plate or bowl until it's spotless :) 

Made his favorite tomato soup today - with roasted tomatoes, onion and red pepper and he LOVED it!!! Had two full bowls and relished every bit of it - made me happy, happier, happiest :)))

More Excuses

Since we are on the topic of excuses, here's a classic one that Adi made up to skip swimming class at school. Adi has swimming class once a week in his school and after the first class he realized that the water was too cold for his liking. I also think or rather know for sure that it's not just the cold water, but that he is scared that he will have to venture to the deep side without floats and since his parents will not be around, he will drown if he does that.

Next week, on the day of the swimming class, he cried a bit in the morning and told me that he doesn't want to attend swimming class as the water is too cold and I told him that it is his decision whether he wants to get used to the cold water (I guess with the Bangalore weather being what it is, we cannot really expect the pool to have warm water other than April/May) or stay out of the pool and that I am ok with both. However, the condition was that he would tell his teacher himself that he wanted to stay out and that I would not send a note. So, the kid went to school with knitted brows and full of thoughts - I guess trying to figure out how to skip class.

The day went by and when Adi got off the school bus in the evening, he was full of smiles and the first thing that he said was 'Mama, no swimming today, only playing!'. I thought he probably got into the pool but didn't have to do any swimming and that the instructor let him play in the pool. When we got home, I realized that his costume as dry and my interrogation began :)

Me: Did you have swimming class today or was it cancelled?
Adi: We had swimming class
Me: Did you get into the pool?
Adi: No
Me: What were you doing?
Adi: Playing
Me: How did you manage to stay out?
Adi: (very sheepishly) I told teacher that I fell in the school bus and hurt my hands and that I wont be able to swim

I was both shocked and thrilled at the same time. Shocked because I did not expect him to make a fake excuse. Thrilled because he was smart enough to figure out a way to escape class all by himself!! I should have probably told him that it was a wrong thing to do, scolded him for lying, etc etc. But I didn't do any of that. Just listened to his story and decided that I will give him time to get over his fears, apprehensions and wait until he is ready. I know my son and I know that he will NOT DO something that he doesn't want to. So I just let it be.

The next week, I packed his swimming costume again in the hope that the teacher will call his bluff, but the kid had a new excuse!! This time it was the real one - that the water was too cold for him - and I also think he cried although he didn't tell me (well, it slipped out of his mouth once but he didn't mention it again).

The third week I decided not to send the swimming costume so that he wont have to make any more excuses. I shall wait until he is mentally ready for the class.

I shall be patient.

Excuses, excuses!

And what better excuse to not blog than the two month long, super fun and super lazy summer holidays!! And then one whole month and a little bit more to recover from the holidays, get used to Adi's new school routine and get back to my old routine!!! Now that the excuses are over and done with, am trying to get my life back on track and am back to my favorite time of the day - remembering and writing about my dear, naughty son - never fails to bring a huge grin on my face :)