December 11, 2011

Computer Games with Appa

Ya, Adi has been calling us Amma and Appa the last couple of weeks :) His friend Rishi calls his parents Amma, Appa and apparently Adi has been inspired!! Not that we mind ;))

Anyways, Adi was playing a computer game with his Appa one morning and I found a good opportunity to click away...

Kitsch Mandi Pictures

A few pics taken at the Kitsch Mandi last week...

December 06, 2011

Car Wash To Outdoor Shower

One of those times when we had driven down from Bangalore to Malpe, KG was out washing the car and the kid wanted to join in. The kid started with helping Papa wash the car, moved to playing in the water (obviously!) and then ended with taking a shower with the hose pipe! It was so much fun for Adi - my mom, my dad, my brother, my sister, KG and I were all watching Adi having a blast in the water and we were laughing our hearts out - it was one of those unforgettable, happy days and a warm, sunny one at that!! The hose pipe shower soon became a routine whenever we went to Malpe, until Adi turned two. I often look at these pictures and remember the sunny day, specially my Dad's face filled with joy and Adi's with sheer pleasure :) There are many pictures of Adi having his shower, but not suitable to post in a public forum :P This was one day where I was thankful for owning a digital camera :)

December 01, 2011

Morning Time

A special time in the morning when father and son were reading the cartoons in the Bangalore Times.