December 11, 2011

Computer Games with Appa

Ya, Adi has been calling us Amma and Appa the last couple of weeks :) His friend Rishi calls his parents Amma, Appa and apparently Adi has been inspired!! Not that we mind ;))

Anyways, Adi was playing a computer game with his Appa one morning and I found a good opportunity to click away...

Kitsch Mandi Pictures

A few pics taken at the Kitsch Mandi last week...

December 06, 2011

Car Wash To Outdoor Shower

One of those times when we had driven down from Bangalore to Malpe, KG was out washing the car and the kid wanted to join in. The kid started with helping Papa wash the car, moved to playing in the water (obviously!) and then ended with taking a shower with the hose pipe! It was so much fun for Adi - my mom, my dad, my brother, my sister, KG and I were all watching Adi having a blast in the water and we were laughing our hearts out - it was one of those unforgettable, happy days and a warm, sunny one at that!! The hose pipe shower soon became a routine whenever we went to Malpe, until Adi turned two. I often look at these pictures and remember the sunny day, specially my Dad's face filled with joy and Adi's with sheer pleasure :) There are many pictures of Adi having his shower, but not suitable to post in a public forum :P This was one day where I was thankful for owning a digital camera :)

December 01, 2011

Morning Time

A special time in the morning when father and son were reading the cartoons in the Bangalore Times. 

November 29, 2011

Sports Day - Nov 2011

Adi had his school sports day on 25th November.  The sports day was held in the main school campus and although it threatened to rain to every now and then, it was a very pleasant day and perfect for a day out in the open. Kiddo was excited weeks before the sports day and was looking forward to running in the 'huge playground'. A few pictures from the day...

Rearing to go...

The 'march past' which the entire school practiced for months...they did a decent enough job :) As soon as the music started, I had tears welling up in my eyes. A proud mom, I was!

Getting set for the inter-school relay competition...Adi excited as usual :)

Adi with one of his best friends - Gautam

On the podium - Greenwood High came third place in the inter-school relay event

2nd time on the podium - 3rd place in the 40mt dash. And that's Adi's class teacher - Priyanka. The sweetest teacher ever!

Fooling around as usual...this time to collect the 2nd place in the inter-class relay...

The UKG classes performing to High School Musical's 'We're all in this together'. Adi was pretty good as compared to what we had seen at home. After the event, he told us 'I was not so good in dance but I thought today I had to do my best' :)

The main school has really good facilities for sports and was one of the main reasons why we chose Greenwood High for Adi. Adi is already longingly looking at the football field and the basketball courts and is eagerly waiting to go to 1st standard so that he can play there :) Poor thing, doesn't know what he is getting into - ICSE syllabus and all. For him life is one big playground and all that he wants to do is play, play and play. All I hope is that he will always be carefree and continue to do what he loves - sports or academics - whatever his choice may be - or if we lucky enough - both :)

November 20, 2011

Pictures Of The Day

Took these pictures whilst Adi was playing with his dinosaurs early in the morning today. Looks like he was in a very pensive mood. Nah, this look doesn't suit my son at all! I prefer him with his big smile on :)

November 15, 2011

Return of Spidey!

Adi was back in his Spiderman costume today after a very long time. I must say the costume has been well worth the buy as its been worn soooo many times! :)

Bangalore Ultra 2011

KG participated in the Bangalore Ultra 2011 in the 12.5 km category and Adi and I went along to watch and experience the marathon. Adi's been asking KG to take him along for the training sessions and when he came to know that KG was running the Ultra, he wanted to run along with him too. So we decided to take him along just to show him what it was all about. However, it took a lot of convincing to stop him from running the actual marathon! He was then happy to just run the initial stretch with his Papa and also the final stretch :) In between, he just kept running back and forth in the initial part of the trail and even crossed the finish line several times in the hope of getting a medal :) He spoke to a lot of guys who were around and even did the stretching exercises with many of them :) 

Some pics from the scenic locale (Hesarghatta) -

Adi running non-stop!

Running the final stretch with Papa and with Papa's medal :)

November 12, 2011

Stuffed Toy No 2 - Shamu

Favorite No 2 is Shamu - the killer whale. In August 2010 we had visited our friends in San Jose, US, and all of us went on a week long road trip covering Los Angeles, San Diego, Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. We were 4 adults and 3 children and we had the most fantastic time together. At San Diego, we visited Sea World and of all the places we have travelled to with Adi, this is the one place that he enjoyed the most and also remembers the most - all because of Shamu - the killer whale. (I guess the whales have different names but the show is called Shamu and Adi calls his whale Shamu).

During his preschool days, Adi was fascinated by the blue whale (for its size) and the killer whale (for its  power). Even today if we ask him what his favorite animals are, he says 'Leopard' and 'Blue whale'. We had not told him anything about Sea World before we went there and so when we walked towards the whale section and he saw the huge killer whales swimming in the big pool he was simply awe struck! It was almost like seeing God! :)

Watching the 'Shamu' show was the ultimate thrill for Adi and after the show all he wanted was to buy a 'Shamu teddy'. So we bought one for him and since then, Shamu has been his best friend. At night, if he wakes up and comes to our bedroom, it is Shamu who always comes along with him. When we moved from UK to Bangalore, Shamu came in a box and I guess because of the way it was stored in the box, his tail is a little bent now. When Adi first saw him with the bent tail, he was heartbroken and wept for him. Adi takes Shamu whenever we go on long driving trips and plays with him a lot. Apparently Adi has been giving him haircuts these days and told me that whales need a haircut every week! Can't see any serious damage on Shamu so I guess all is well for now.